Untouched - Sara  Humphreys I didn't realize that it was #2 but with this book, I wasn't lost and I could connect with the characters easily. I think that has mostly to do with each book presenting a couple within the Amoveo legend. However, I do want to read the first so I'm introduced properly with everyone.

This book is Dante and Kerry's story. Kerry has a gift or as she sees it a curse. She has only been able to get close to a couple of people her entire life. Otherwise she is inundated with feelings and images from anyone she touches. Plus, it hurts her physically. Sam, her best friend is the only one she is willing to touch because it doesn't hurt. She is surprised when it happens again, this time with the smexy Dante.

The story of Dante and Kerry seemed to move a bit too fast for me. I enjoyed their back and forth but the romance seemed a bit rushed because of Kerry being so crippled by her past experiences. However, I still found the two a lot of fun to read. I think that is mainly because Kerry was no shrinking violet.

There is a lot of action and a bit of a mystery as to why and who is trying to come between the two of them. You also know that this vendetta goes beyond just the couple and encompasses all the couples. It involves prejudices because the couples are "mixed". Not exactly in race, but species. Kerry and her best friend Sam are not full-blooded Amoveo, but mixed with human DNA. I kinda liked that twist in the stories.

I give this book 3 1/2 stars. It is a fun PNR and the men are quite smexy. I am looking forward to the next (and the first) installment of the Amoveo Legends.