Deliverance - Dakota Banks This is a series that has been very emotional for me. The first two in the series, Dark Time and Sacrifice had me wanting to throw them both in the freezer (Joey, Friends ref). Emotional events that took me by surprise and had me wanting it to turn out differently upset me, but in a good way. In this book, it really is no less emotional, but didn't have me running for the freezer. The emotional elements were less surprising as well but no less entertaining.

In this book, Maliha is fully on her mortal path. Trying to balance the scales to gain her soul back. She is trying to find her new moral values within the path she has taken. She questions herself a lot in this book and even is reprimanded by other's who she values as well as herself. She finds that sometimes it is good to be the assassin and keep her emotions in check to do the impossible. Sometimes it's also good to let those emotions rule as well. It is this balance Maliha struggles with in this book.

The book, as with the others in the series, is fast paced and we are met with horrific villans to conquer. We also find out who is friend or foe with most of the characters in this book. We also are left in the dark with Maliha as to which powerful players have a hidden agenda. It's those players we are concerned about and yet have to trust. A difficult postion to be left in that will continue to the next book in the series.

I give this book 4 stars. It's a great addition to Maliha's journey on the mortal path. It should also appeal to those fans of UF who love a character with growth. This book is published today!!