Bitter End

Bitter End - Jennifer Brown This is an important book for all teens getting into dating, starting relationships, getting boyfriends and girlfriends. This one is geared more toward girls because the problem of abusive relationships tend to statistically affect girls more than guys.

The story revolves around Alex who has a broken home where she has been ignored by her father. The hole that creates and the uncertainty of her mother's death paves the way for a relationship that becomes all consuming. Psychologically accurate, the story shows how the abuser is not a cad right away, but seems very charming. It also shows the "honeymoon" phase that often happens shortly after a escalated incident. Even after she was hit, it shows how easily confused Alex becomes. How she blames herself fo the incident. I also found her emotions of not wanting to be the focus of attention of being "that girl that was hit" also accurate especially with teens. Yes, this resonated very accurate to me.

My main criticisms of the book is that I would have liked perhaps a bit more involvement with the family. While it is true that a non-involved father creates a space for someone to easily swoop in and manipulate, it has also happened to girls who have involved parents. I also would have liked to have had more of the "little" abuses thrown into the relationship. We get to see some of that, but only toward the end of the book. These are little criticisms but not essential to the story we have. It still reads true.

I give this book 4 stars. It is a great coming of age book and shows a girl caught up in a situation she doesn't know how to handle. It also shows the strength of character it takes to stand up to someone you "love" and leave.

Oh and PS... you will love her best friend Zack. He just rocks. :D