The Kingdom

The Kingdom - Amanda Stevens This is a great sequel to The Restorer. While I saw the first book as more of a mystery than a ghost story, this one blended the two perfectly.

The story takes place in a town which has become a world within itself. One where the rules have become a form of law and outsiders are unwelcome. Amelia finds herself drawn here not only by her job as a graveyard restorer, but by a pull she cannot explain. It is the mystery of her life and what came before she was born is the mystery begging to be solved. However, is the mystery itself a danger? Heh... you know I'm not going to spill a thing. :D *evil laugh*

The story has many twists and turns and it keeps your interest. The ghosts are both eerie and fascinating. They don't take over the story and yet enhance it well. Oh and there is an introduction of a dog, Angus, you will just love. He also becomes part of the tension. And those that crave romance, well there is a bit of that but not with Devlin... however, we get hints that she may not be done with that relationship either. ;)

I give this story 5 stars. I know I've been a bit more elusive about the story than usual, but I think those that love this series should read this book with as little information as possible. It preserves the tension. :D