Pure - Jennifer L. Armentrout First I must start this review by saying that I admit... I'm such a fan of this series. I love the way it draws me into the story and keeps me wanting to stay after it's over. Plus, it has such a swoon-worthy cast. Especially in Aiden. *sigh*

Yes, I love her characters and they are further enhanced within this story. The story also had me cycle through a lot of emotions including almost sobbing. Yes, I cried and if you read any of my reviews or comments... you know I hate to cry. But then Ms. Armentrout broke my heart. Not just once, but several times over the same event. The tissue companies should sponsor this book. ;) However, those that feel the same way, take heart. You will also laugh a lot in the book as well. I just love that about Alex, the main character. Her snark makes my day and I would SO be her friend.

It also deals with a lot of issues. Mental rape, slavery and racism, also present itself here. Heavy handed topics that are dealt with in a way that doesn't overwhelm but still makes you want to yell to those in charge that it isn't fair... or at least kick them in the arse repeatedly.

Ah this book I did love, except for the ending (and the crying). I wanted it to continue. My questions weren't answered and I found myself adding a few more. I know that Deity (Covenant #3) will be here in Nov. However, it's not soon enough. *sigh* I curse Ms. Armentrout for leaving me too soon with a bunch of crumpled tissues surrounding me. *shakes fist* However, I will forgive her if she makes Aiden real and gives him to me. I mean, it's only fair... right? ;D

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. I can't wait to continue this series!!