Earthseed - Pamela Sargent This is an older YA sci-fi genre book. It's considered "older" YA because of the amount of smex (nothing graphic) mentioned and violence. However, it makes sense since it is a group of teens that have never had adults to learn from, only a "ship" who is really just a personable voice to them. They were born in a lab.

Within the ship they are sent to a part where it is "wild" with nature and wild animals. They are there to learn how to survive because the goal is to "seed" other areas of the universe with thriving earthlings. While they are living in the "hollow" and coming of age, they find that tensions arise and problems within the society they created are dramatic and tense. Arguments on leadership and punishment while maintaining a utopian view within tensions arise. You also question what you would do in the same situation. No easy answers were found nor provided.

The book ends as a full book even though it is a trilogy. There is an opening for further exploration and unless you read the excerpt for the next book, you aren't sure where the series will take you. You just know it will be another adventure filled ride when you get there.

I give this book 3 stars. Although Zoheret is well defined, some of the secondary characters lack a bit in definition. However, the adventure the characters find themselves in do make up for that lack. Those that shy away from sci-fi because of the tech talk do not need to worry. It is more about the adventure of survival that is the focus of this book.