Entice - Carrie Jones I've enjoyed the Need series and was so happy when I got this book. However, as what happens to many of us in the book blogging world, we can't always get to the books we want. I finally got to this book. I had to because I have the next book, Endure on my tbr.

This book doesn't give us the answers we seek from the first cliffhanger of the last book, Captivate (Need #2). However, it does give us answers we didn't even know to ask. These are not bad things as it gives us the information we need to go with Zara on her journey. And Zara's journey isn't anything but pleasant. It is filled with danger and sorrow. So much sorrow that you think that she would end up curling into a ball and giving up, but I have to give props to her. She continues on no matter what gets in her way.

I also have to admit, as much as I admired Zara for continuing on her journey, you wonder if there is another way she could have approached the problem. However, when really examining the journey Zara and her friends did everything that they could with the information they were given and found out. I really don't know what other way they could have ventured, what other path they could have taken.

I give this book 4 stars. I enjoyed this journey with Zara. It is a series that should be read in order and this book is a good step in the adventure. It ends with a cliffie, but luckily... I have the next one ready to go!