Endure - Carrie Jones Sometimes you get a series and you don't know when it will end. You want to know the conclusion and yet, you don't want to leave characters that you have grown to really enjoy spending time. This is such a book, but alas, it does end and this is the last book of the series.

When this book starts out, I admit I was a bit confuddled. It skipped over a big portion of what had happened in the last book. I'm wondering if that part will be a novella. Anyway, we know the conclusion of that adventure and it may only bug you because you want to know how they got out of that latest jam. Still, I was happy to be back with the gang and on to saving the world.

The characters in this book still rock. However, I will admit, I was still on the fence with Astley up until book #3, Entice. I really started to enjoy his character and relaxed a bit about his motives. And without giving anything away... this book really solidified me as an Astley fan. He is the perfect compliment to Zara's character.

This adventure they go on is also a bit like Buffy saving the world. I'm not telling you which episode(s), but those that are fans will recognize the situation. Yes, this adventure is their own, but there are elements there that are still familiar. In fact, Carrie Jones gives a nod to Buffy frequently in this book, so it is quite intentional. I enjoyed that.

My biggest complaint is the ending. However, it often is that way in series that ends. The ending of the crisis is clear. But it felt rushed and there is a question about Zara that remains. I don't want to say what specifically so it doesn't give anything away.

I give this book 3 1/2 to 4 stars. Yep... it's somewhere along there depending on the time of day. I give this book a star range. Maybe I'll rub off on her and she'll start reading books starting in the middle. ;) I recommend this book to fans of YA, faeries and mythology.