Revived - Cat Patrick This book deals with a girl who has died several times and has been revived by a secret agent drug tested on a select number of kids. We follow one of these kids in Daisy. The fact that she has defied death has made her unafraid of dying even though there still could be a chance that the drug may just stop working one day.

The premise of this drug is not without it's drawbacks. We understand that it will not cure someone suffering from a debilitating illness. However, Daisy has died more than once by asphyxiation. That made me question how that drug will work because if her brain was deprived of oxygen shouldn't there have been some damage? Especially if it was more than once? However, it wasn't hard to suspend belief and we just assume that they got to her in scant seconds, always at the ready. Even though I had this question, I admit it didn't bother me that much. It's fiction and I can suspend my belief for the sake of the story.

I enjoyed the characterization of Daisy and also enjoyed her new friend Audrey. Matt her love interest was suitably swoon worthy even if you wanted to kick him in the arse at least once. He did have a good reason for being a bit of a jerk (and no, I'm not telling why...). Although I must say that I did question his motive for liking Daisy more than once. He does get me to forgive him in the end. :)

I also enjoyed the other subjects this book presents. One is what is often called invisible chronic illnesses. Daisy has a severe allergy to bee stings. She carries an epi-pen. Her friend has cancer but you can't tell physically. The way people draw away from the person with the illness and the adjustments to life were also dealt with briefly. I thought that was pretty well done. You hardly ever see that in YA. In fact you hardly see this at all.

I give this book 3 stars. It was an enjoyable mystery. It did have it's slow moments, but it didn't last long. I think this book will also appeal to those that like contemporary YA but want that little extra "strange" element within the story.