Of Poseidon

Of Poseidon - Anna Banks Yep, this is a mermaid book. *yawns* Yea, had to force myself to read it. Did I fool anyone yet? Heh... if you know me at all you know I really couldn't wait to "dive" *snort* into this book. Oh yea... Ashley of the Bookish Brunette might be the queen of zombies but I am the queen of mermaids! Oh I like the sound of that.

Okay, now that I have established that I have a full on mermaid fan, I will try to be as impartial as I can while reviewing this book. I will say this book starts out as a fantasy I had as a kid. To find out that you really were a mermaid, you just didn't know it. Of course there is more to it than that and we follow Emma's introduction into a new world as well as following Galen's adventure in finding Emma and learning how to love.

I did feel connected to Emma, but I will admit that I didn't connect with Galen as a swoon-worthy guy at first. I mean he had all the qualifications. Hot... check. Has a great sense of who he is... check. Is able to see beyond himself to the greater good... check. Alpha male who becomes helpless in the face of an alpha female... check. Still, I wasn't convinced until the last part of the book. I think that is when he finally admits his feelings (I'm not giving anything away here, you knew this from the start) and starts being completely truthful with Emma. Oh yea... then I swooned. ;)

I give this PNR YA book 4 stars. It's a great introduction to this series. It doesn't end with a cliffie, but it does open up for the next book which you will want immediately!

My only question left is... didn't Galen miss a Syrena (mermaid)? *points to self* *Ahem!* ;)