Dark Kiss

Dark Kiss - Michelle Rowen Okay, I have to admit, I'm in love with this cover. I mean I don't always love angel covers, but the darkness with the brooding guy on the cover? WIN! So you know I HAD to read it.

This book attempts to be a bit different in YA. It not only had angels and demons working together, it also introduces zombies. You don't get many zombies in YA. For those who avoid zombie books because of the gore, don't worry, there is very little. In fact, in this book you only see one zombie even though you know more exist.

I did like the main character of Samantha. She did seem to have an overblown sense of right and wrong, but it really works for her in this situation. She is also very compassionate and tries to learn from her mistakes. Her romantic interest was Bishop. He was hot, but unfortunately because of his situation you only get to know him in pieces. Still, swoon-worthy, I think we will get to know more about Bishop in the coming series and I think he will become more swoon-worthy as we get to know this non-perfect angel. However, I admit in this book, the demon Kraven steals the show and I really want to know more about him. Not because he is a bad boy (I mean demon!) but because he has a hidden side to him that is good.

I give this book 3 stars. I am curious as to where the author takes these characters. Mainly because the characters are all wonderfully flawed and good/evil isn't so easy to distinguish. The romance was a bit on the insta-love category and her parents were in the absent category, but the ending promises new beginnings and new twists yet to come.