Dark Frost

Dark Frost - Jennifer Estep I usually try to post the Mythos Academy series books on the day of publication, but I just couldn't wait to dive into this book. I'm so glad I did. I devoured it quickly. For those that haven't started these books, I will try to be as non-spoilery (it's a word... I just made it up!) as possible.

Okay, let me start off by saying that Logan, Gwen's love interest, and I have had a difficult relationship. There were times I just loved him and times I wanted to seriously kick that Spartan's arse. Oh and in this book our relationship seemed to be going the same way. Usually it's only one swoon and one arse kicking... in this one, it was several. However, I will say that Logan did win me over in the end and I swooned a lot. :) Too bad he's not at least 21... well, outside my mind. ;D

Gwen is still my fave gypsy. Her adventure captured me and I have to say this was my fave so far. I really loved the way her character grew in this book. In fact, with what she had to handle I thought she did it with more grace than most adults. I really enjoyed that.

Now to the part where I curse Ms. Estep for tearing out my heart and stomping on it. Let me just say a character we briefly got to know in the last book we get a little more of in this one. Then my heart gets ripped out and I had to have a kleenex or two on hand. Oh I do hate to cry, but I also wanted more. *shakes fist* Darn you Jennifer Estep! I wanted more! ;)

I give this book 5 stars. I really enjoyed this episode in Gwen's adventure. No cliffie, but you will be salivating for the next morsel. I know I am! *wipes chin* Also, can I have a fenrir wolf? *gets glares from dogs in the room* What? ;D