The Girl in the Clockwork Collar

The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross This is the second in the Steampunk Chronicles, the first being The Girl in the Steel Corset. In this one our group travels to the US to help out Jasper who has problems at the end of the first book. That mystery unfolds as does the mystery of how Finley is doing by combining her two selves. We also get a hint of romance with the promise of more.

I'd have to say that my main complaint with this book was that Jack Dandy was absent in this tale. Even though I don't enjoy love triangles, I really loved that bad boy. However, even though he wasn't present within, he was not totally gone. He was mentioned quite a bit, so I suspect we will see more of him in future books. I can't wait.

My only other complaint was probably more personal in nature. I didn't care for the way Tesla was portrayed in this book. He was seen as the stereotypical genius that is lacking in common sense. I haven't studied who the man was, but the few things I have read didn't quite seem to relate him in that way. But then again, who am I to criticize this? He could have very well have been as presented. I think it was more about the stereotype. I think I would have just wanted something a bit more original in nature.

The mystery behind the collar was quite easily figured out. However, it was not presented as something that would take us by total surprise as hints alluding to Mei's character were quite telling. So this wasn't a criticism, just as an observation. Oh and I should also mention is that I hope we get more of a new character, Wildcat, in the coming episodes. I think she would fit Jasper quite well. She's also a character I think I'd grow to enjoy as much as Finley. In fact, people who love Finley will love Wildcat. :)

I give this book 4 stars. I think it will appeal to those that enjoy steampunk and those that don't like shrinking violets as their heroines.