Lies Beneath

Lies Beneath - Anne Greenwood Brown A dark mermaid story (and you thought I'd say tale-tail! ha!) is something I spring toward. I enjoyed the character of Calder, the merman. He was strong and struggled with questions about himself. I also enjoyed Lily's sense of being different. She embraced it. The darkness of these mermaids being more serial killers than the preening waifs also really got my attention. Also there was a twist in the story, which was easily discoverable but no less enjoyable. However, despite all these accolades, I can't say I fell in love with this story.

It was the distance I felt with all the characters. I just couldn't connect with any of them. I also couldn't connect to the romance with Calder and Lily. And I can't tell you exactly why I just didn't connect with those things. I'd have to say that was more a mystery to me than anything else in this book. Despite that disconnect I will say that I was still intrigued enough to finish the book and would read the next. I would be curious to see if the problem I encountered in this story would be remedied. As I said above, it does have all the other elements that I enjoy.

In conclusion, I give this book 3 stars. It wasn't a bad book by any means. In fact I can see elements of the story coming together as the series continues that will end up satisfying me. I do hope that is the case.