Bunheads - Sophie Flack A contemporary YA set in the world of classical ballet. You know it made me curious. This book was so rich in this world that you know that someone had the inside scoop of this life. In seeing who the author was and what she had done, you know everything was accurate. You begin to wonder where did real life end and the fiction begin? In other words, I'm curious as to what part was real life and was this a fictional version of the author's own struggle for a much fuller life than what a singular obsession could give.

Yes, you are easily swept away with the gritty reality of what being a bunhead entails. However, I do have a criticism. It was told in a way where you are held at arms length from the main character, Hannah. You could connect with the character somewhat, but there was just enough distance that kept it safe. I think if the character opened up a little more to her audience, this book could be perfection. However, I will say too, that the world this book inhabited did make up for much of this lack. You really get a feel for the torment these dancers put themselves through for the illusion that is perfection.

I give this book 3 stars. I really did enjoy the world of the bunhead. I would recommend this book to any girl who ever dreamed of being a ballerina. Yes, I was one of them. :)