Spider's Lullaby

Spider's Lullaby - James R. Tuck *shivers*


*deep breath*

Okay, I think I can start this one now. This book takes place after Blood and Bullets. I got the first since UF is not usually a genre you can read out of order. Plus, it might make a few of you faint. ;) In this case although I was glad I read that first book, I need not have worried. You can read this one as a stand a lone and still know what is going on. Plus, what is also good about this novella is that it is the perfect length for this story. I think that is because the adventure has only a limited time to either work or destroy lots of people.

We met Charlotte, the were spider in the first book and we find that she is pregnant with lots of baby spiders. She must bond with them or humanity has one huge problem on their hands... and feet... and faces... *shivers* A Yakuza sorcerer wants them for himself so he can be the best assassin around. Oh and the eggs are hours from hatching. Time is not on their side.

Within the story Deacon Chalk works hard to keep those he considers friends and family safe. It has become his life. So, this sorcerer will have to work hard to defeat him. I should also mention that Deacon is VERY male in his descriptions of the female anatomy. It wasn't rude and disrespectful, just VERY male. LOL So, it's good that his partners in this throw in some estrogen in the mix. All of them are female. :)

I give this book with the cover I can't look at too long 3 1/2 stars. Like the first, it is a great book to get those males in your life to start reading UF. You can read this one quickly and really get a sense of the world Deacon Chalk and his friends inhabit. Also for those that have arachnophobia (I know what I'm talking about...) you can read this one without nightmares. Charlotte is aptly named. ;) This book is on sale now. The ebook is $1.99 at Amazon and B&N.