Shadow Play

Shadow Play - Erin Kellison This novella is actually a follow up from the first novella I just reviewed above. It involves the same characters only now they are given their first assignment at Segue. They are to help a woman take back her son from a vortex that opened up while they were hiking. This story is a version of the changeling stories of old.

I think I like Ellie and Cam even more so in this story. I really enjoyed their relationship and laughed at Ellie's Shadow who seems to be able to interact with Ellie in her head more. I also like Ellie finding out a bit more about herself and what she can and cannot do with her new power. I wouldn't mind visiting them again if another novella or even novel comes out. I really would love to see even more growth of Ellie into an even stronger woman. I give this short interesting story 4 stars. I really recommend both of these novellas for those that love PNR and the Shadow series.