Fire Kissed

Fire Kissed - Erin Kellison This is an off-shoot series from her main Shadow series. While I do believe you could read this one without having to read the others, I strongly you read the others. For no other reason other than they rock. Plus, it is so much better to know the side players in this story. *sigh* And yes, I still hold a candle (forgive the pun) for Shadowman even now. ;)

As with the other series, this book is a mix of faerie tale (The Little Match Girl in this case) and new mythology. As with the other books Erin Kellison usually puts in some sort of artistic endeavor. Either a character wields the creative spark, or in this case, revolves around a painting described as the Fall of Magic. It shows how angels and mages are on opposite sides when trying to rule humanity. I just love that touch in this series.

This tale is specifically about Kaye a mage who came to her power late and Jack a warrior angel who is strictly business. Of course plans go awry when emotions are involved. Not just the unexpected emotions between our two main characters but those having to do with both Kaye and Jack's past. They both have things to settle within themselves before they can move on to a future together. And with warring and conniving mages and angels who refuse to believe any mage can be good, will they be able to handle all that is thrown at them? Guess you'll have to read it to find out. *evil laugh* Oh please... like you didn't see that coming. ;) Many twists within will have you guessing at how they could come together... if at all possible. :D

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. It's an excellent edition to the Shadow series. I really enjoyed this romance between the warrior angel and a powerful mage. The balance of emotions as well as adventure combine for one fun read. I recommend it to those who love a dark PNR.