Shadow Touch

Shadow Touch - Erin Kellison Although this novella is #2.5, it really is an offshoot of the main series. This one we are introduced to Cam and Ellie. One is a scientist and the other is desperately seeking help. She has an unusual problem. Her Shadow is separate from the rest of her. Still a part of her, but able to act on it's own. She captures the attention of the scientist she sought out for help and he ends up falling for the woman with the unusual problem.

This is a quick read and fun. You could read it as a stand a lone, but I don't suggest you do. The world has already been established for you and that allows the book to take off for the reader. It also brings a question for you... what would you do if the id part of yourself was separate and in full view of everyone you meet? Could you handle that unfettered part of yourself? I'm so not going there in my review (sorry.. heh) but I think Ellie did a great job of handling the situation.

I give this novella 4 stars. It's a great introduction to these characters in the Shadow world.