Monster in My Closet

Monster in My Closet - R.L. Naquin I admit I picked this book to review because of the title. I was curious... I mean who hasn't been stalked by the closet monster at least once in their life. Plus, this book just sounded like fun.

Oh I was so right. This book is just fun. Not an on the edge of your chair book, nor a huge smexy time book, but there are hints at both. The heroine isn't snarky like I usually enjoy, but quirky enough that you just enjoyed her presence. Plus you can't forget the monster in the closet! I mean I would totally want one to move in with me. What? You think I'm crazy? Just think... someone who takes up literally very little space (hello? closet!), cooks gourmet meals AND cleans! Seriously, where can I get a friendly closet monster? :)

Actually the menagerie of monsters that come and visit are enough entertainment, but there is a problem. One that comes in an incubus. No, not our usual incubus who ends up being the smexy hero, but a genuine demon bent on destroying our heroine and her friends. Oh, but not to worry... there ends up being a smexy hero thrown in the mix as well. One you will enjoy meeting.

I give this fun monster book 4 stars. If you are looking for some light reading with a fun twist, I do recommend picking up this book.