Blood and Silver

Blood and Silver - James R. Tuck This is the second novel in this series and the 4th book (2 novellas) but you could read this one without reading the others as the back story presents itself when needed. You could fully get a feel for Deacon without the other adventures, but you will probably want to read them anyway.

Those fans of UF will love the fast paced action and some of the cold hearted decisions he makes within this story. Deacon is still someone you would want on your side because as soon as he considers you family, he'll protect you with his life. Plus, injustice for the smaller and weaker gets his blood boiling and he just might protect you if you need it even if he never met you before.

Deacon finds himself protecting a were-dog who seems to be caught in a war among the lycanthropes. It's the prey animals against the predators with a few of the predators against the age old way of the dominate abusing their power. It's no easy battle and the group they come up against seems unstoppable. Just another battle to Deacon.

I did enjoy this hard won battle. More so for the battle raging within Deacon himself that he seems to finally be winning. The one that scarred him and brought him to fight the monsters and keep as many innocents safe as possible. Those that read this series know what I'm talking about and I was beginning to think he was using his family's death as an excuse to keep people at a safe distance. I was glad Deacon let go of some things even so slightly. It added a bit of growth to his character.

I give this book 4 stars. It's a fast paced UF and I'm hoping for more character growth in the coming books in this series. I'd really like to see him dig deeper within.