Falling for Hamlet

Falling for Hamlet - Michelle Ray On the page before the prologue you were given a quote. One by Shakespeare and one by the character Ophelia from this book:
"Frailty, thy name is woman." ~William Shakespeare
"Willy, thy name is sexism." ~Ophelia

Oh yea... that set the stage for my enjoyment of this book.

The whole plot of this book does follow the play quite well. Better than I expected. It's set in modern times, but the main players names remain the same. There are a few extra characters thrown in because this book is expanding Ophelia's story so those are more modern. What is different is what I found interesting. It's the question about what if Ophelia was more than a victim? What if she survived? Yes, this is Ophelia's take on the whole disaster.

This modern take will make you feel more for Ophelia, but I have to admit, I did not connect to her character very much. I will say that I still enjoyed her decent not into complete madness, but coming close. It was pretty creative.

Ophelia's story was also told in alternating parts. One was where she was being interrogated, another where she was on a tv show and the main part where she is confiding as to what really happened. It's not confusing at all and all 3 do come together in the end. I just didn't care much for the interrogation. It didn't feel realistic at all and could have been lifted out without hurting the book at all.

I give this book 3 1/2 stars. I would also like to see what other creative endeavors this author puts forth. This was her debut book and I enjoyed my time in Denmark despite all the madness.