Kitty Steals the Show (Kitty Norville #10)

Kitty Steals the Show (Kitty Norville #10) - Carrie Vaughn As you know I've been catching up on my series reading. Unfortunately, the library didn't catch up as fast as I wanted so I have had to mix it up a bit and go with #10 when I should have been reading #8. However, it didn't matter I never got lost and I really enjoyed my time with Kitty and the gang. So, while I wasn't lost, it really is more enjoyable to read these in order. You really get the feel of the characters growth that way. Yes, I did say read in order... don't faint on me. ;)

In this book Kitty goes to London. I thought it was perfect because of the summer Olympic games. Already had London fever, so I slipped into the world quite easily. There is a international conference on the paranormal and Kitty is a guest speaker as well as attendant. And since this is Kitty, you know she finds trouble even when she isn't trying. In this case, she did try a little, but with good cause. All I can say about that without spoiling the other previous books. :)

In this story we also get a few new characters. We get to know more master vampires, lycanthopes, and even faeries (I mean we are in England...). I really enjoyed getting to know them all and found myself eager to learn more of the back story on a couple of characters I missed. Even so, as I said before, I was not lost at all.

In the end, the main story feels complete. The story arc that we have had since book 6 (and hints of it before that as well...) is still not finished, so you know that Kitty will return. I really can't wait.

I give this book 4 stars. I really enjoyed my time in London with Kitty. I loved her compassion for others as well as her banter with her husband, Ben. I really love them as a couple. I suggest it for those that love a good were story as well as those who enjoy UF. Seriously, I recommend the whole series.