Shadows Before the Sun (Charlie Madigan #4)

Shadows Before the Sun (Charlie Madigan #4) - Kelly Gay Leaving this world after The Hour of Dust and Ashes I was totally bereft. I needed to know what happened right after. I needed this book!

OMG. Can I say it again? OMG! This book was everything I waited for and more. Yes, my favorite UF mother is back (I mean that literally... her daughter is so adorable and smart). My fave characters were back as well. Oh and the conclusion to what happened at the end of The Hour of Dust and Ashes totally fulfilled me (don't worry, I'm not going to spoil anything for those that have yet to dive into this series). There are also other parts that were left open through the series that also had a conclusion. I was a bit surprised and pleased about that. Oh yea... this book answered a lot of questions and posed at least a couple more. No cliffies, just curiosity and open threads to pick up the story in the next book.

Hm... but what more can I say without spoilage? I still want a hellhound. Grim was not in any of the action this time, but *lowers voice so pups don't hear* I still want one. I still think a Grim like hellpup would fit nicely into my menagerie. :) I guess I can also state what I don't like about this book. *deep breath* I don't like that I had to wait this long for the book. I don't like I have to wait more for the next. Yep, that's about all my greedy little heart wants. I want them all NOW! ;)

I give this book 5 stars. It was the story I was anticipating. It was more. I want HANK! I want Grim. Oh, sorry, didn't mean to whine. It's just... if you like UF... you need this series. Go pick them up NOW! Either that or you will be slobbered on by a hellhound. No one wants that. :D