In Rides Trouble

In Rides Trouble - Julie Ann Walker This book has the same sense of humor and sense of adventure as the first book, Hell on Wheels. This is the story of Becky and Frank, two characters we were introduced in the first book. Frank is also one of the stubborn heros that you will want to kick in the arse in the first book. Not only does the humor and the adventure feels familiar as the first, but so does the misunderstanding that keeps the couple apart. I think this one is a bit more successful than the first since it concentrates on only one couple. The first split it's attention a bit too much, but not so much you got lost.

As with the first one this is a fun smexy type of book. Some of the nagging elements were easy to figure out, but I don't think that detracted from the story at all. I just had fun waiting for all the characters to catch up. I also like the character of Angel, an ex-Mossad agent. Not everyone is thrilled to have him aboard but he proves to be a sweet if not deadly character. I hope that his romance is in the next book or at least down the road. Not many Jewish romances out there and that would be different.

I give this book 4 stars. Its a bit more successful than the first, but just as fun. I recommend this one for those that like adventure and hard won romance. This book will be published on the 4th.