Monstrous Beauty

Monstrous Beauty - Elizabeth Fama I was pleasantly surprised by Monstrous Beauty. It was dark and it also harkens back to the mythology of mermaids while still inventing some of it's own. In this one there are alternating POV in terms of the past with Syrenka and the present with Hester. At first, this was a bit off-putting, but quickly resolves itself into sharing bits of the story as we need it.

The mystery that surrounds Hester is also not fully revealed at once, but slowly shown to us as we get to know both her and Syrenka of the past. I enjoyed this as it allowed the story to preserve some of the tension. Syrenka is also a character I really enjoyed. Even though I would have liked to know her much more intimately, I think the distance also made sense. She wasn't human and so had a different way of looking at things. It was her struggle to love and be loved that made her character stand out to me. Hester, I also enjoyed, but admit to liking a bit less when quick decisions make you question the quality of her character. However, these moments were few so it didn't end up bugging me that much.

I give this mer-tale (get it?) 4 stars. I really enjoyed a story that harkened back to the mythology of old. One where the main themes are of loneliness, love/death, sacrifice, and mystery.