The Kingmakers

The Kingmakers - Susan Griffith I was so excited when this came in the mail for review. And with the anticipation, the book opens up with a bang. The war is on and Adele is leading the campaign against Cesare and his packs. In fact most of the book is about the war and Adele's growing power. The action is intense and the war has everything you expect... including political intrigue on both sides.

Since this was the last book of the trilogy I had to be curious as to how it would end. How would our couple, who is of a completely different species, who's nature is anathema to the other, work out? Would it? Yes, that question is answered and more. However, this brings me to my criticisms. The couple's tension seems to still be there, but the relationship to me just seemed to not hold the same intensity. The how question was answered too easily for what had gone on previously. Also, within Gareth and Greyfriar there was a lot of growth in this area, but the conclusion to his story just didn't match the ending. I was a bit confused by that and he just seemed fickle in the end when he was so certain not too long before. I have to admit, I was not a fan of the conclusion. Mostly because it created more questions and I wouldn't get those answers.

I give this book 3 stars. I do love this trilogy and despite my criticisms I would not have missed this last book for anything. I am curious as to where these authors will venture next. I would love to read it. Not only do I recommend this book to the people who love this trilogy, but I recommend the books to those that love fantasy, steampunk and a sweeping romance. Yep, both men and women should enjoy the stories here.