School's Out—Forever

Maximum Ride: School's Out—Forever - James Patterson This book takes off where the last book ends. In this one, the flock are attacked and are forced to find a place for one of them to get medical treatment and recuperation. And despite the misgivings they stay and find a bit of solace. However, nothing lasts forever. The erasers seem to magically know where they are and new enemies are revealed. Now the question on Max's mind on how to save the world has a few more pieces, however, is it enough?

I was entertained with this addition to the series. I felt more attached to Max than in the previous book, but "the voice" always seemed to keep me at arms length. Also, within this story, the introduction to "Anne" and having a normal life totally perplexed me. While it's introduction may become clear later in this series, it just did't fit here. I just didn't fit at all with what we did know of the kids and what they had been through. Too much normal... waaayyy too quickly.

I give this book 3 stars. While I had a lot of misgivings within the story, it's far from over and it all may make total sense in the end.