Fang  - James Patterson Now this book basically opens up with some of the problems in Africa, namely getting proper medical assistance and food. It was basically limited to these problems, which might be for the best especially since very young kids may be reading it and it could be too much. However, I did wonder why kids who eat more calories to keep up their daily routine would be in such a food limited area. Still, it did also provide another scenario coming into play by another evil scientist with not too many braincells working.

I think the books since #4 have picked back up to the entertainment there was at the beginning. I also have to say that Angel bugs me from time to time and in this one, I really couldn't stand her that much. I also think that was part of the point, so I have to say it was successful. As with the other stories, this one was about survival and the introduction to a new flock member, Dylan. Max is also more emotional which I did like and so there was some growth in her character. I hope with the last 2 books looming, it continues.

I give this book 3 stars. I enjoyed it much more than I did the 2 previous despite the plot repetition within the series. This one had a lot less plot holes and it flowed much better. On to the next!