Deception - Kris Kennedy To me this book did not have the problems of the first. It read much smoother to me and the romance made more sense to me throughout even when Kier was being a jerk. The story is full of intrigue and adventure for both of our characters. It's quite complex and the mystery of who, what, when and how has many layers. It's like a historical thriller. It also does supply quite a bit of information throughout the book which makes the story feel overly complicated at times. That may turn off some readers but for others they will love the complications.

I also have to say that this book is not intertwined with the first. It is in fact it's own story taking place a few years later than the first. This book also is less politically minded than Defiant, even though politics ultimately plays into the solving of the mystery.

I recommend this to those that love mystery, thrillers and a complex historical romance. I really enjoyed the intrigue and the way the mystery unfolds itself is quite interesting. I give this book 4 stars.