Stormdancer  - Jay Kristoff This book is a combination of Japanese mythology, steampunk and a little dystopian thrown in. If that isn't curious enough to get you to read this, may I say that I was enchanted with this unusual tale. I so love something different and imaginative and I do think it filled that title nicely.

I do have one criticism. It was with the beginning. I admit I had a hard time getting into this world at first, but when Yukiko, our heroine, was fully on her adventure, all doubt and slowness melted away and I could hardly put down this book. The adventure and the plot was interesting enough to keep my attention, but I have to admit I absolutely fell in love with the arashitora, or "storm-tiger". All I can say is that my snark quota was fully filled by this creature. Oh I really enjoyed this character!

I also loved the way Yukiko thought. She questioned everything including what was not encouraged to question by anyone. She not only examined others behavior and motivations, but she examined her own. How many people, let alone characters do that? This made me root for her even harder than I would have normally. I really think she earned the title of heroine.

In the end I give this unique and thrilling tale 4 1/2 stars. I am so glad I got to read this book and heartily recommend it to anyone looking for something different in an older YA. I also recommend it to those that like dystopian and steampunk.