Divinity - Patricia Leever If you are tired of angel/demon PNR books, this might be the one that you will enjoy. It has that aspect, but doesn't really deal with the angel aspect too much. In fact, the main characters are human; they are magical, but human. They do deal with demons. Lots of them. But they don't take over the story.

It's also more of a UF ride than a PNR one. However, those that don't want a read without romance should not despair. There is romance. It's between Evelyn a broken, but tough woman and Daniel the newbie with a lot of potential. I have to be honest, that is the problem I had with the romance. He was just too new and green to be a match for Evelyn. Definitely a potential mate, but not one right away. I also didn't like Daniel for most of it. He was way to arrogant and cocky for such a dangerous job. I didn't feel he respected Evelyn until he consistently started listening to her. It took a while, but he finally did listen. THEN I loved Daniel and started to root for the couple.

The world was quite interesting. I like that the humans that were recruited had special abilities that the tattoos they receive help them access. They also have plenty of interesting and very cool weapons like the Divinity blade that only gets matched with one hunter at a time. However, it is more about the characters than the world. It's a good mix, but you will want to know more about this world as you feel as if you only get a small hint of what is to come later.

I give this book 3 stars. I find it fun, with the element of UF that I enjoy. I can see this series get better as time goes on and the world becomes even more defined.