Rua - Miranda Kavi First, can I say that I love this cover? Colors are so pretty! Okay, that off my chest, I have to say I did enjoy this fae tale. Many of the elements within the book did surprise me. First, other than the mean popular girl, there were some stereotypes that were turned on it's ear. I really enjoyed that, especially how Celeste's human family came about. I am so happy to see that, since I just love it when people play with perceptions like that. It also didn't expound upon this turning either. It just stated it and moved on. Another point to the author.

I did enjoy the characters. Celeste and Tink were my favorites. I just LOVED Tink. I loved how strong Tink was despite having to deal with prejudice in his past for being gay. Oh and he is such a sweet and loyal bestie, you wonder if he could be friends with you. I also loved Celeste and she complimented him pretty well.

I did have a few minor problems with this book. One was the mean girl. I get how she fit into the story, but the section where she was bulling Celeste just didn't fit in with the story as a whole. I mean I just couldn't feel that intimidated by her when Celeste is fearing fae that could destroy her. You could lift that section out, and I would have liked it more. Also, although in this case I didn't mind the insta-attraction Celeste and Rylan felt for each other (in some ways it made sense), I just didn't feel like I totally trusted him. So, his behavior in the later part of the book gave me pause. Nothing serious, but I would have liked to perhaps really get to know him before I felt our heroine was safe to fall for him.

I give this book 3 stars. It ends with a twist I think you'll like. Even though I thought it could still use a bit of tightening up with editing, it still reads very smoothly and your time goes fast. It's fun read and I do want to know what comes next for Celeste and her friends.