Incarnation - Emma Cornwall Okay, a story from the POV of Lucy Weston from Bram Stoker's Dracula? I was SO there! I mean she was always one of my fave characters we never got to know. Vivacious, impulsive, curious and still sweet (at least as a human). I always wanted to know more about her at least as a human being and how different she would have been as a vampire if left to have her own personality.

When we meet Lucy, she has already been transformed and dispatched. The vivacious woman is gone, replaced by stoic vampire. I thought that would have been disappointing to me, but yet, I found myself interested in Lucy and where she would take me. And as we journeyed along she started to gain fragments of her human life as well as retain human aspects. We also find that she is compelled to find the source of her vampirism and save him from an awful fate. From there she is acquainted with Marco, her love interest. And although Marco was interesting and heroic, I have to say that I didn't quite get into the romance. I think it's because Lucy is still remembering what it's like to have feelings and is working through her new existence. If this becomes a series, I do think that eventually I will come on board with the romance.

The world in this book is quite interesting. And although this is labeled steampunk, it really has very little of the gadgets you often get with this genre. It's more about the science and monster making that reigns supreme here. So, those that don't like all the tech stuff will like this and those that were expecting it might be a bit disappointed. However, I still think you will be caught up within the vampire world and how they think.

I give this book 3 1/2 stars. I'm hoping that the book leads to a series. Although Marco was the lead romantic character, I actually found myself more intrigued with Nicholas, his outcast brother. I actually think that he is more of a swoon-worthy character and would love a romantic adventure with him.