In a Fix

In a Fix - Linda Grimes Oh a urban fantasy with a snarky heroine, hot men (including the Vikings), and a fun adventure that made me laugh more than once? Oh yea... you know I loved it.

In this world, Ciel is a sort of shifter. One that doesn't actually move bones and flesh to take shape per se, but "borrows" some energy off of a aura to mimic that person which includes some of the habits and personality with it. I found that to be an interesting take on the whole "shifter" genre.

The characters are quite entertaining. I really enjoyed them but I did at times found Ciel to be frustrating when she would put herself in situations where she had no training and was really a detriment rather than an asset... despite the outcome. However, as you read on, you realize just how young and nieve she is and I think then it made more sense. I also think that she will grow as the series grows. She's smart and has such potential I think it will be a fun ride to watch her mature.

I have to caution those who don't like love triangles. There is one here, but at the same time, there really isn't much of one. You still have two heros you root for, but one seems a bit too oblivious to her feelings even though they are readily evident. However, even he isn't always that dense, but is still unwilling to commit. However, there is another you aren't sure if he is perfect for her, but I honestly think is a better fit. I don't always root for the one you know may not get the girl in the end, but in this case I hope he does come through and they make it. I'm not telling you who or what only because I'm afraid I may have already said too much, but I have to state here and now... I really didn't mind this triangle and it didn't come across as ridiculous as some of them have become.

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. I really have to give props to a book that had me LOL'ing more than once. So if you enjoy snark, humor and a fun adventure... do pick up this book. I think you'll end up smiling.