Dearly, Beloved

Dearly, Beloved - Lia Habel The zombie love story continues in this second book of this series. The world has taken on a adjustment phase in where there are people trying to cope with what happened and those that want to change it back by any means necessary. Within this there is different factions of the living and the dead trying to run their own agenda. Some of which we will not fully find out who and what is behind the motivation. In fact, the end game is not completely clear, but we have a better idea than our heros of this story.

As with the other book, this was told in multiple POVs. In some ways it helped move the story along and in many others, I think it slowed the story quite a bit. And as with the other book, there were times I was confused as to who I was reading and what was going on because of the multi-POV. I would have loved it if the POVs were only given to our main characters. I think things would have moved much smoother and quicker which would have preserved some of the tension that was lost.

I also didn't have the same tension and fondness of feeling with Bram and Nora as I did in the first tale, however, I was still convinced of this romance which still blows my mind a bit. Rotting parts. I still can't quite get over that. :)

I give this book 3 stars. I was quite slow in some places and confusing in others. Still, despite that I did find myself wanting to know what happens next. The answers aren't all in this one and I hope they are answered in the next book. So, I'm not exactly saying it's a cliffie, but it's not complete either.