Rev It Up

Rev It Up - Julie Ann Walker Ah yes, another Black Knights novel. This one is also true to the formula of the last books in this series. Where there is a misunderstanding which keeps the couple apart. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as it was entertaining as the other two. In this one the misunderstanding was a bit more complicated and a lot more understandable. So, it was a bit different in that way. I actually felt it gave this story a bit more depth. Plus, there is that child, Franklin to help keep you in an "awww" state. :D

Jake and Shell were the couple of this book, but we also follow another couple, Rock and Vanessa. I have to admit the split of the POV with this couple was a bit confusing at first, but when they separated into their own missions, it was much easier to follow. I also suspect that is the next couple we will see together in the next book of this series. I don't mind as Rock reminded me of Gambit (X-men fame) since he kept throwing in all that Cajun French into his speech.

I give this book 3 1/2 stars. It stays true to formula, but it is still an entertaining read. If you enjoy romance with a lot of action, I do think you'll enjoy this series. It's just one of those fun books you look forward to reading.