Phantom Shadows

Phantom Shadows - Dianne Duvall Oh yes! One of my favorite vampire series is back! This time we get the story of Bastien. I really wanted this story. I mean it's the most annoying, cynical, obnoxious immortal of the bunch! How could I resist? I know wanting to alternately kick the guy's arse and simultaneously aww at his reluctant romance will get to you as well. Plus, Bastien has probably the biggest soft sides of all of them. He constantly worries about the ones he loves having problems because of their association with him. Can I get an awwww? ;)

Not only do we have the romance of Melanie and Bastien, but we also have a lot of action to keep us interested. In fact, these mercenaries they are up against might be human, but they are quite evil. They don't care who or what they have to destroy to obtain their goal. Even in the end I have to question the completeness of that evil. I suspect we will see the ramifications of the immortals fight with these humans in other sinister ways.

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. It's a series I suggest you read in order. It is best that way to get a feel for all the characters. And while this book is complete, several threads remain open including one that I hope gets a happy ending! We also get introduced to a few new characters and I'm anxious about how they will fit in the scheme of things. Oh yea... I want the next ASAP! :D So, if you like romance, action and obnoxious vampires do pick up this series. I think you will enjoy it.