Death and the Girl Next Door

Death and the Girl Next Door - Darynda Jones Okay, have you read Darynda Jones's adult book, First Grave on the Right? You have? SWEET! You will love this one. For me it was like that kind of story for the YA crowd. You haven't? What is wrong with you??? You need to go pick it up (well, if you are part of the YA crowd, you are excused... the adults... get moving!). Seriously, those that enjoy her adult series will love this one as well.

As her adult series, we also have some hot boys to contend and drool over. Stop right there. No, there is no love triangle (so those that are tired of those may cheer now...) but you may equally drool over each brooding hot boy. Yes, there is romance, but there is only one contender for Lorelei's heart. BTW, I just want to know where these boys were when I went to HS? Anyway...

As with Darynda's other books, there is plenty of humor within this book. Although Lorelei, our main heroine, does get in a few laughs and good quips, it really is the secondary characters, Brooklyn and Glitch. Those 2 will get you to smile even in the thick of things. We would all be so lucky to have true and loving friends as these. They really help make this book.

Hm... and now to the part I thought about including and thought maybe I shouldn't. I don't want to spoil anything, but I think it becomes clear what you are dealing with about 1/2 thorough the book. Well, maybe a bit earlier, but certainty exists then. There is the aspect that our friends are dealing with angels. Now I would suggest to those that have been less than thrilled about the angel books flooding our YA genre, to try this book. I think the fact that our angels have a dark side helps. I mean it is hard to write about a perfect being without any defects. Our angels may seem perfect, but are marred by that darkness and it lends them a bit more interest. Also, yes, there is a religious aspect to the book because of this, but it is not religious at all. It does not seem to conform to any one religion nor is it preachy in any way. Yes, there are "believers" but that is only to a specific aspect to a prophesy that holds to no specific religion. For example, her grandpa is considered a pastor, but it is to a more universal type of crowd not to one religion.

I give this book 4 1/2 stars! I really enjoyed this book. The ending felt abrupt to me and I really wanted it to either be longer or prepare me more for the end. It's not a cliffie nor a true abrupt ending, but I still felt like I wasn't quite ready to leave this world yet. That actually may be a good thing since I really want that next book! :D