Shadow City

Shadow City - Diana Pharaoh Francis This is the third in the series. You really have to have read the second book to really get this one. Mostly because several threads that were left open are finished in this book. So, at least read #2 and #3 in order. Yes, I'm reading in order. Aren't you proud? ;)

In this book we alternate between 2 worlds. One where Max is fighting unusual magical beings in a world full of shadow. This is the main thread that was left open in the first book. The second world we are with her beloved Alexander and their new threat, an awakening fury. This problem is also connected to the last book, but no thread was left open. We just are discovering this problem now. I have to say that I really enjoyed the way the worlds flipped from one chapter to another. You were never left with a dull moment. When one winds down, the other picks up. So, for those who hate lulls, might really enjoy this one. Of course everyone comes together in the end but in ways I didn't expect. There is also a lot of character growth for more than our main heroine, Max. Some of the secondary characters grow quite a bit as well.

I want to quickly mention the different magical dogs presented in this book. They were so much fun and those of you who like intelligent puppy dogs will enjoy this one. Hey, they are large puppies (okay, deadly puppies...) but you know that they got to me and had me enjoying this tale (tail! *snort*) all the more. :)

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. I really enjoyed my time within the two worlds. It was so much fun and quite a bit of action. I recommend this book to those that really enjoy an adventurous UF book.