Reaper - K.D. McEntire This is the second book in the Lightbringer series, the first being aptly named, Lightbringer. This is a series that I strongly advise NOT to read out of order. First, it picks up where the last left off and second because the world is a bit complicated you would become lost in the never and I'm not sure you'd find your way out. Now, don't let that scare you. By reading in order the complex world becomes much easier to understand. In other words, it is just so twisty you cannot jump in the middle to untangle this web. However, by starting at the beginning, you have a map in which to follow.

We were left with some holes in the information we sought in the last book and this book does provide some answers. You have to go through some twists and turns to get to those answers, but much greater understanding about Piotr and Wendy's mother Mary are given. However, that sigh of relief is hard to get and frustration on wanting that information does tend to get to you, but even so you are entertained by the adventure getting there. Unfortunately, not all answers are given that are sought. That brings me to my biggest complaint about this book...

Cliffie warning! Yep, this one has a big cliffie. One in which you know that our heros will get out of but not know how. You are also left with a thirst for more knowledge which is not fully quenched. Still, I have to say that this book is a necessity in this series and should not be missed. All the important information you were able to gather goes a long way in understanding the world as well as the adventure.

Now, I'm sure I may have scared a few of you who do not like complex novels. Seriously, if started in order it isn't as complex as it seems at times. The book does flow and the engaging characters keep you interested and invested in the adventure. I give this book 3 1/2 stars (I deduct 1/2 star for the cliffie) and I do recommend it to the older YA crowd and those that really like a dark twisty world. I am really enjoying this adventure in the alternate world of Peter Pan.