Fathomless - Jackson Pearce Mermaid story? Oh yea, you know I wanted to read this one. In this book the mermaids were once human children. Something happened to them and they were suddenly able to exist under water. The sea as calming as it is fierce tends to strip away their memories. With those memories goes the last of humanity they try to cling. When at last they give up, they become something else. How, what and why are the questions that lead to the adventure in this book. It is a search for Lo and Nadia both who exist in the same body.

Yes, like her other stories, this one is also based on a faerie tale, this one is based on the original Little Mermaid story. Admittedly I haven't read that one, but I am familiar with the tale. There are distinct differences and she introduces other elements as well. We see hints of the 3 fates in the sisters that occupy the land half of this tale. We also get a bit of a bard in the love interest, Jude. Although I enjoyed these elements, I wanted more information. Why did the 3 sisters have powers? What was the mythology she was exploring? It's not all absent, but I wanted more. It wasn't enough for me to touch upon these tales but I admit it did preserve the mystery. Others would not have the same yearning I did after reading this story.

The ending has a twist I didn't see coming and the book does feel complete. I give this book 3 1/2 stars. I just wanted to know more of the world in which they inhabit. However, you are given no more information than the characters. I do have to say that in one way it is perfect that she does that. The darkness is preserved that way... but for those of us who like to shed light on that dark, it can be frustrating. :)