Wrayth - Philippa Ballantine This is the third book with Geist and Spectyr being the first and second books respectively. In this book it is a continuation from the second where we were left thirsting for more and wanting to know what will happen next. Yes, if you haven't figured out this series you must read in order.

You are not disappointed in learning what happens to our trio of Raed, Sorcha and Merrick. We also surprisingly get some background information on our main deacon and sensitive. I really enjoyed that and can see that playing a bigger role in the coming books. This also seems to be a crossover novel. One where you do get an adventure, but the information contained is of importance. Not only to answer the questions of the past but to lay ground for what is coming in the future.

I admit that in some ways the adventure seemed a bit disjointed, but I also feel that this was intentional. It was a time of chaos and dispair and that helped that feeling. Still it was almost too many things happening at once. So many conspiracies that it feels overwhelming but at the same time you do not get lost nor do you mistake one for another.

I give this book 4 stars. I recommend it to anyone reading this series. You must read this one as I feel the information within is important. There are also a couple of surprising twists at the end that make you hungry for more. For those interested, do start with the first. You won't be sorry. I am really enjoying my time in this world. I highly recommend it to those that love fantasy and a small bit of steampunk.