The Lost Prince

The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa This is Ethan's, Megan's brother, story. Ethan is now a teen and we have seen what having the sight has done to him. He is paranoid and keeps everyone at a distance. His harsh attitude isn't because he hates the world, it's because he doesn't feel that anyone is safe around him. He feels that he brings trouble and the people around him pay the consequences. He tries to lessen those consequences to himself alone. He discovers in his adventures, however, that you cannot control everything including the irrepressible Kenzie who can see past his own brand of glamor and finds the true Ethan.

I have to say that the character of Ethan did not connect with me directly. He kept everyone at arms length including me while reading his tale. How I did connect with him was through another character, Kenzie. Her spirit and no-nonsense attitude really drew me in and by consequence Ethan as well. Without her I don't think I would have connected to Ethan at all. She was my favorite new character.

Some of the characters are back from the Iron Fae series. Grim!!! You know I'm a total Grim fan so I squeed (excuse me) when he came onto the scene. Although less onery than in the past, he still had the same spirit that made me love him in the first place. We also get visited by Puck (who I wanted more but may get later) and, of course, a bit of Meghan and Ash. We also get new characters in Kerrian and Razor who happened to be my other favorite introduction. That little character had me smiling more than once.

The world of the Nevernever is as beautiful and deadly as ever. I still love the world in which Julie Kagawa creates. I was not disappointed here at all. The plot seemed a bit uneven but still flowed well and kept my interest. I would have liked to have really understood some of the "evil" characters better and Kerrian as well. I just didn't understand the motivations in the end. I understood somewhat but not completely. Let me just say that Kerrian baffled me in the end. I got his sympathy but not his actions. However, I do think some key information was given within his actions that will play out in the next book. Curious? ;)

I give this book 3 1/2 stars. I wanted more information than was given and was a bit frustrated. I wanted to know the motivations of the primary and even more so of the secondary characters. So many questions I have now and no answers. I, of course, have to have the next book as I know these answers will eventually come. This is a series you really should start with the Iron Fae series. The return character's actions become more clear if read in that manner.