Iron's Prophecy

Iron's Prophecy - Julie Kagawa I got this book when it was free and so I needed to know what else I had missed. We find out that Meghan is pregnant and there is a prophecy about her child. A child of winter, summer and iron. Very powerful.

To me this was more a journey on trusting yourself with the unknown. Although I'm not a parent, I can see that this is also likened to the fear they may have when first learning they are going to add to their family. Will I be a good enough parent? What I do influences the child, so what can I do to make sure they turn out well? And like real life this book does not provide the answers to those questions. It's about trusting yourself and doing the best you can. I also think it sets up what is to come in the books about Ethan. This child is going to play a personal role in his adventures.

I give this novella 4 stars. It works as a in-between book. One that you know will provide you with more questions and answers, but also sets you up for Ethan's book, The Lost Prince. And despite what I do, I DO recommend reading them in order. :D