Nightingale - Jennifer Estep This is Jennifer Estep's Bigtime series. Karma Girl, Hot Momma, and Jinx are the 3 novels prior to this one as well as the novella, A Karma Girl Christmas. You don't have to read them in order, but I do recommend it only because you get a better feel for the characters (some who were former main characters in the other books) appear as secondary characters in this book.

This book, like the others, is just full of fun. It has enough cheesy-ness in the names to make me smile and enough adventure and romance to make it interesting. In this one we have Abby who has super-senses and yet does not want to be a superhero and Talon, a superhero without any super powers (think Batman). They get together in an unusual way and find themselves drawn to each other. I admit I had a bit of a problem with them falling into bed so easily and quickly, but it didn't bug me enough to lose my enjoyment of the whole story.

There was also Abby's self-esteem problem that at times you wanted to shake her and tell her to stop it, but we have all been there and it isn't an easy thing to overcome. Still, would have loved to see her gain confidence a bit earlier in the story. Even so, it made me like "Talon" more when this forced him to be completely straight with Abby about his feelings. This made the romance so much sweeter.

I give this book 4 stars. It's a fun book about superheros and I recommend it to anyone who loves to just sit back and enjoy a story. If you like Jennifer Estep's Elemental Assassin series I think you'll love this one too. The writing is much lighter in tone, but it still has that same sense of adventure. It's very adult and a lot of fun.