King of the Dead

King of the Dead - Joseph Nassise I reviewed the first book in the series, Eyes to See last year and I really enjoyed it. This is the second book in this series and I have to say I enjoyed this book even more. The characters are established and I found myself rooting even more for the main hero, Jeremiah, even more. We also pick up where the last book left off, so I do suggest these be read in order. Not because it would be too confusing (you could read these out of order), but because you get such a better feel for the characters this way.

I know that some people might worry that ghosts and the fact that this is listed as horror that it would be too scary. I admit... *stands up and confesses* that I am a wimp when it comes to horror. This series is more in the realm of UF and a lot of UF does get put into the horror genre. It isn't too scary at all, but the world these characters inhabit are also not full of sunshine and daisies. It is quite a dark world and full of action. In this book as with the last, our main characters are fighting a almost unstoppable paranormal force. In fact, it is death itself that they are fighting. Not quite the grim reaper, but more like one built of fae legends.

I don't want to give away hardly anything. There is too much here for me that I want to say, but I refuse to spoil it. I will say that the mystery here has a few twist and turns I enjoyed how the mysteries were solved. My only complaint would be the shifting POV. It wasn't constant, but it was used so lightly I would forget that I was reading someone else's POV besides Hunt's. Still, it did not prevent my enjoyment of this book as a whole.

I give this book 4 1/2 stars. I recommend it to anyone who loves UF. Oh, and there is a romance story-line in the book. The romance isn't quite there, but it is budding... :)