Second Grave on the Left

Second Grave on the Left  - Lorelei King, Darynda Jones Ah... Reyes... uh, excuse me, I mean this is the second book in this series. This one had me LOL'ing a lot. I also have to say that I'm totally going to try her fake plant craft. Heh... that is something I'd SO do, and that is just one small detail that makes this book so priceless. Yes, Charley makes her plants look like they are dying (I didn't think that would be too much of a spoiler... LOL). Stop looking at me like that... it's not like I came UP with the idea... I just like it.

The chapters are broken up with t-shirt slogans and bumper sticker sayings as the last one. Two of my faves made the list:
There is nothing to fear but fear itself... and spiders
What am I doing in this handbasket? Where am I going?

Yep, if you couldn't tell already, you know I loved this book.

I really enjoyed the secondary characters in this book. LOVED Cookie and so want her as my friend. I also loved the coming together of Charlie with the rest of her family. My only complaint was Charlie herself. Usually in these UF books I want to kick the male protagonist in the hiney for being so stubborn but this time it was Charlie! Still, I am curious as to where she takes the story next as not everything was wrapped up and Charlie is continually exploring who she can become and who she is within humanity. Even with all that hiney kicking, I would still totally love her as a friend. We should totally hang out... staring at Reyes. ;)

As for the audio portion, Lorelei King totally rocks this book. Love her voice changes for each character and her vocal pacing is just perfect. She totally draws me into the story.

I give this audiobook 4 1/2 stars! I can't wait for the next installment. I just love hanging out with Charlie and her friends and family (except Denise... lol).