Night's Darkest Embrace

Night's Darkest Embrace - Jeaniene Frost Hm.. what can I say? When I was asked to review this I jumped at the chance. I just saw the title and the author and didn't even try to find the blurb of what it is about. So, instead of reading a new short by Jeaniene Frost, I re-read this short. However, since I enjoyed it the first time so much... I didn't mind that at all.

This is what I said when I reviewed the anthology, Haunted by Your Touch:
Oh what can I say. I LOVED the short story from Jeaniene Frost. If she develops it into another series I will be there drooling for Raphael. In a way he does remind me a little bit of Bones. He's a bit arrogant with reason, he's strong, smart and sexy as hell. Plus he is in love with one woman only. He's a bit more willing to allow Mara to do her own thing and is less chauvinistic than Bones can be around Cat. AND with Jeaniene Frost you know you are going to get some sexy time in the book. Oh yes you do! Even the carriage ride sexy time was pretty good. ;) Yes, this short story is one I believe everyone who loves the stories by Ms. Frost will enjoy.

*looks it over* Yep, I stand by what I said. I enjoyed it even the second time around. I still am hoping she will pick up this novella and make it into a series. I wouldn't mind more Raphael. *nods head* Not at all...

I give this novella 4 stars! I want more! Oh and right now this story is $1.99 at your fave ebook store.