Scent of Magic

Scent of Magic - Maria V. Snyder This is the second book of the healer series and Touch of Power is the first in the series. I admit in the last book I did not like Kerrick at all. Even though he was so much better at the end of the last book I had a hard time reconciling him from the beginning. So, in this case it was a good thing for the second book to come a bit later than right after the first. Why? Because in this book I loved Kerrick and actually had to be reminded I didn't like him at first.

So, yes, I was totally on board with the romance. The adventure in this one also was very captivating despite the politics within the story. There was a good balance with the political wrangling and action that neither felt overwhelming the other. It kept me reading at a good pace.

I had a bit of a problem with the ending. Some of the conclusion with the big bad Tohon was a bit too fast and contrived for me, but still left enough open that I will not discount anything. I will also say this: the ending killed me a bit too. UGH! You will want the 3rd installment of this series ASAP. In fact, that isn't even soon enough for me. :)

I give this book 4 stars and think this is an excellent second book to this series. I still really enjoy Avry and she is a great heroine in this series. I would recommend it to anyone who loves a older YA magical adventure.